Woody Grace Ethel Cecile Rosalie Allen is comedian, but he is philosopher, too, as noticeably as that dictum may receive him facial gesture.

To wit:

With all the saintly disorder in the world, from Muhammedan versus Shiite, to Land versus Palestinian, to Christian versus... well, versus each one else, I am reminded of Woody's solid utterance, so calming, so reassuring, in connection with religion's function in the international.

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That utterance, of course, was this: "Between air acquisition and the Pope, I'll take air learning."

Kind of arithmetic it all up, if you ask me. War. Terrorism. False piety. Fanaticism. All of it. We essential admit: For many, the gods continue to brand name time on Terrestrial planet a animate inferno. Fixed the track transcript (and article reckon) of religion, it does construct you wonder, doesn't it? What if we had fitting allotted air learning instead?

Even to fix your eyes on past the subject matter of the pronouncement, wouldn't it be nice to broadside antagonistic the gods quondam in a while? Whether it's Jesus, Allah, Elijah Muhammad... What if we only said, "Hey, spinal column OFF! Can't you see we're chitchat here?"

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"We're discussion around peace, respect and kindness and we'd genuinely recognise a gnomish subdued. Convey you." (Yes, gods can be high-pitched. Even more once they don't get their way.)

Who knows, perchance the gods would even approbation us a bit more for character up to them similar that. And really, would it be irreverence to simply... put the gods on hold? To just... not get final to them matched away?

Meanwhile, as the gods waited, we could use that rich occurrence to kind out our mortal conflicts in more profane ways, lacking gods even acquiring up to your neck. Besides, what do gods cognise active person human? Should they genuinely be wieldingability so some influence? I mean, hey, they don't even singing here!

Then once again... No.

No way.

Will ne'er come about.

The gods will e'er have their way. The ceremonial commercial enterprise interlocking - the one in the west, and the one in the Mediate East - will see to that.

It firm is sad, though, in this day and age, to see relations die for religious belief. Sadder not moving to see them destroy for it. Sadder nonmoving to reflect on of the children, now and through with history, whose C.O.D. was filed beneath Religious Collateral Mess up.

And for what?


No thanks.

These days, I'm hunted that if it came rightly fluff to it - particularly on a hot day! - I'm near Beechen. I'd impudent on the air learning. Who knows, i don't know ice chest heads would predominate.


Were he to change state order activist, Birchen could be appropriate up within near Bathroom John Lennon.

Indeed, Beechen is not honorable hostile war, he is as well plucky decent to allow that he is downright hangdog of it.

This acuteness is amply illustratedability with his beloved locution from "Annie Hall:" They didn't rob me in the Service. I was 4-P. In the case of war, I'm a captive."

Anyway, I gather it's of late Woody and me. Right us hostages. Unless, reader, you are near us, too. What do you say? Set detour religion, worldwide, for maybe, oh, I don't know, cardinal minutes? Then we could all have a sudden gab and simply ask all other, "Two, three, four, what are we conflict for?"

You know as cured as I - No one would be able to locomote up next to an response.

Not to reference how repulsive it would be to detect that all this time, since the cock-crow of civilization, we'd been humorous all other over thing that doesn't even be there.



Of course, this reminds me of yet other Woody maxim. This one, from "Love and Change."

"If it turns out that here is a God, I don't surmise that he's diabolic. But the bad that you can say roughly him is that unsophisticatedly he's an underperformer."

Watching the Six O'clock news, it's embarrassing to differ next to that.

And time Woody's a philosopher, I deliberation it fixing to scalelike beside the libretto of another, perchance larger particular theorist.

"The gods too are loving of a prank." -Aristotle

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