If I had a dime for all example a man referenced me as "Bitch", I would be typewriting to you from my part in Beverly Hills. I am not upset by this word; in fact, I convey it as a decoration of award. A prize of honour which is a hallmark of terrorization common by men.

It is not my somatogenic attributes that browbeat men; it is my boldness and moral fibre. I am a reinforced woman, and I allow on a entry of women beforehand me, who fought for my correct to vote, my letter-perfect to separation my husband, my dominance to bring in a man pay lawfully if he abuses me. I put up with on this showtime a persnickety woman, inviting new women to frame with me, but where on earth are they? There are numerous imposing women in concealing and it will prove a dignified day when they realize, they no long have to obscure.

I want to acquaint what a strong female is. A strong adult female is passionate, repeatedly ununderstood and labeled "too sensitive". A knockout adult female can shout as powerfully as cry loud. She can blow hard, time substance a facial gesture to a juvenile person. A authoritative female does not ask a man to produce her strong, for she was at this crest way in the past "he" of all time came on. These women are furious as lions yet, peaceable as a young mammal.

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A sinewy female will not slumber with a man for commercial enterprise gain. She has ready-made her own ways in the worldwide. Strong women have suffered, cried and fought their way through many stereotypes to range the summit of placid. They have embraced their femininity, and tested equals to their young-begetting counterparts.

Most men are panicky of women such as this. This scares peak men. Some men deem women were settled on the mud to dollop and dwell on upon their requirements. Strong women will sure as shooting get something done these tasks, as lifelong as they acquire the identical. These women cognise when to approachable their mouths and when to secure them. They do not long-term for notoriety, popularity or the public eye. They do nevertheless nightlong for love, equality and credence.

So hail as me "Bitch", call upon me "Whore", ring me a "Lesbian", you can even appointment me the "C" word, but one entity no man will of all time name me is anemic. No event the traducement or atrocities a man may actuation my way, I will be vertical here, monthlong after he waterfall. I am and will last to be, a strong female.

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